Reviews of “Sourdough Culture”

It is an enjoyable read. . . I love the book

Linda Palaccio, A Taste of the Past, Podcast

It’s a great book!

-Ira Flatow, Science Friday, NPR

A freshly-made loaf is one of life’s great pleasures. Reading this book is another.

Five-Star review in the Seattle Review of Books

Sourdough Culture is a tour de force of social, economic, political and gastronomic history that is both meticulously researched and highly readable.

Stanley Ginsberg, author of The Rye Baker

Perfect for history buffs, food science nerds and bread eaters alike. It will inevitably have sourdough-proficient readers feeding their starters in preparation for a baking bonanza and is bound to inspire novices to begin a sourdough journey of their own

Shelf Awareness

“If you only ever read one book about bread, this is the book. Expansive, authoritative, charming, fascinating, delicious, and leavened with stories, Pallant’s Sourdough Culture is a must read.”

Rob Dunn, author of Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human

Sourdough Culture is a fast-paced, anecdote-filled romp through Western Civilization.

Bronwell Everell, University of Cambridge, Foreign Policy Magazine

“Pallant elegantly proves that sourdough matters! A truly fascinating read… ” 

– Jonas AstrupDevelopment and Innovation Manager Meyers Madhus, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Testing out some of the recipes Eric shares in this book is fun. If you like baking, history and science this book will likely keep you busy. It did with me!”

 – Karl De Smedt, The Sourdough Librarian, St. Vith, Belgium

“For the passionate baker with a serious itch to know more about the history, culture, and intricacies of sourdough I highly recommend the well researched and well written “Sourdough Culture” by Eric Pallant. .”

Daniel Leader, author of Bread Alone, Local Breads, Living Bread and founder and chair of Bread Alone bakery

“Pallant deftly covers a wide breadth of time and place in Sourdough Culture, interweaving experts’ research with his own travels, research, and experiments…Dry humor pervades the book… making the book enjoyable not only for the knowledge it imparts but also for the occasional chuckles it induced.”

Kimberly Rooney, Pittsburgh City Paper