Sourdoughs and SCOBYs

Aloo Paratha – Sourdough

When I get together with other sourdough bakers I always try to get them to try something new and challenging that we can tackle together. My daughter Leah, an excellent sourdough baker, and I tried Aloo Paratha – sourdough, potato filled Indian flatbreads.

I made a pretty ordinary whole wheat sourdough and Leah made Indian spiced mashed potatoes. Then the fun began.

The potatoes are placed in the center of small disk of dough.

The filling is encapsulated.

With the potato now in the center, the dough is rolled into a large flat disk.

Fried on a medium hot skillet, multiple times on each side. The dough puffs as the potato filling steams.

Each time the paratha is turned over it is brushed with ghee.


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