Sourdoughs and SCOBYs

Sourdough Potato Rye Garlic Scape Bread

I’m never quite certain what I should make with garlic scapes, but this year a friend suggested adding them to bread.

I roasted several in olive oil and then chopped them into tiny pieces about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. That’s strawberry jam and strawberry preserves in the background. It was a full-on cooking day.

I boiled potatoes, mashed them, and made a sourdough rye bread with them.

I also added some coarse cornmeal. The potato added moisture, the cornmeal gave it crunch, and the rye, sourdough, and scapes infused the loaf with flavor as solid as it sounds.

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  • Janet Castleman

    Eric, I enjoy your blog and book reviews. you might enjoy Lessons in Chemistry, which I recently completed.
    I have many garlic scapes in the fridge. This recipe sounds delicious. Do you publish your recipes online? Thank you.

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