Sourdoughs and SCOBYs

Sourdough: Three variations

One of the things I love most about sourdough, and breadmaking in general, is how many variations can come from such a small number of ingredients.

This sourdough pizza crust was made with 100% spelt flour. Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat that has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years. It has a rich, nutty flavor.

Following the recipe provided in Breadtopia the crust turned out super thin and crisp. The dough was extensible without being too elastic; it was easy to spread out, and yet the thin crust held a lot of toppings.

I used apples picked from the ground beneath a friend’s overburdened tree, some sourdough, and Maurizio Leo’s recipe for a galette crust to make this seasonal offering.

It did not last long.

This sourdough pumpernickel with corn, rye, wheat, molasses, and raisins was so rich and delicious that even toasted and with all kinds of toppings from savory to sweet it lasted quite a while. The bread was so moist and dense that it could only be appreciated one slice at a time.

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