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The Sourdoughs of Thanksgiving

My hat is off to The Perfect Loaf. Maurizio Leo’s recipes are original, consistently creative, and successful.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, Leo emailed his followers a baking schedule for the Thanksgiving holiday and with one substitution, and only one failure, I prepped his collection.

For the night before Thanksgiving to fuel the workers, I made focaccia, and my son Isaac decorated them.

Three days before Thanksgiving, I made a 50:50 whole wheat-white flour loaf that became some of the best mushroom, leek stuffing we ever had.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I made a large miche from an ancient wheat called Einkhorn, which looked great.

But proved to be my one disaster. I think I maybe over-proofed it.

But I redeemed myself with these sourdough pumpkin buns. PLAY VIDEO.

And to make up for my Einkhorn disaster I whipped together a couple of rye baguettes to support turkey sandwiches (a subsequent blog post.)

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  • Marty West

    The Carlsbad Cavern loaf is not a failure! It is the perfect muffaleta loaf, not hollowing required. Slice it in half horizontally and fill with giardinera, cold cuts and cheese. Wrap and press.

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