Sourdoughs and SCOBYs

Uncle Marty Week – 2022

Every year, Sue’s brother Marty (uncle to our children) comes and cooks, cooks, and cooks some more. This year in a slight break with annual tradition and the generous loan of an Ooni Pizza oven, Marty and I made about 25 pizzas.

As days are short at this time of year, much of our pizza making took place after dark.

As the week progressed, we improved our shaping.

And our cooking.

Of course, Marty made other foods and I made other breads.

Roast beef, red cabbage, apple sauce, latkes, and Brussel sprouts.

Which left our kitchen looking like this.

We made pumpkin breads from freshly roasted pumpkin.

Using some leftover bread…

Croutons with fresh herbs.


The circle of life.

From which come Nature’s Most Perfect Food.

Bottom to top: bagel, schmear, lox, red onion, tomato, chives.

On the fry side of the holidays, Channukah, we made latkes.

And some shockingly good sourdough onion rings.

But ultimately, 2022 will be known as Pizza Week.


  • Joan Graff

    Your mom enjoyed cooking and requested our grandmother’s pots when
    She passed on. What fun to have Uncle Marty to cook with for a week.
    So who will inherit your culinary skills (and pots! ) in your family?

    Was there a significant weight gain that week in your household?

    When you retire you should consider a new career. Maybe a TV
    Cooking show? Happy New Year. 💕💕Cousin Joaan

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