Sourdoughs and SCOBYs

Uncle Marty Week – 2024

Every year for as long as anyone can recall, Uncle Marty (left), Sue’s (right) brother, arrives from California. Beginning before Christmas and lasting through the New Year he prepares gourmet meals. I make breads to try to keep up.

Homemade duck breast pastrami.

Served on Menhir au Ble Noir, a rustic French sourdough bread made with buckwheat flour.

One night Leah made Twisted Spinach Breads

And another night, Marty made Burmese Coconut Curry stew with Striped Bass and Gun Gun noodles.

As we always do we make homemade sourdough bagels to have with lox. This year: TWICE.

I’ve mastered, and altered, Maurizio Leo’s Sourdough Scones with Khorason flour. A stick and a half of butter, how can I go wrong? Using freshly milled heirloom grains makes a world of difference, too.

When I made them a second time, I was outshined by a delivery of fresh goodies driven in from Chicago bakeries and Arab food markets. Thank you Leah and Wisam.

One evening Marty made a turkey dinner with all the fixings.

So I made a Jewish Deli Rye — I’ve finally mastered that one — to have with turkey sandwiches and a Cranberry Walnut Bread.

Which we ate with Vegan Cauliflower Soup.

Near the end of his stay, I made Sourdough Calzones with Spinach and Mushroom fillings.

And Marty’s visit is always closed out with Danish Rugbrod, a dense rye loaded with, in this version, whole oat groats, wheat grains grown here in Crawford County, whole Einkhorn grown in the southern tier of New York State, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Until next year, Uncle Marty.


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