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The Missing File by D.A. Mishani *** (of 4)

missingfileWhy are so many contemporary detectives so depressed?  Here’s another: Detective Avraham Avraham, a lonely, single, self-doubting Israeli detective slogging into a job that utterly consumes him.  His first case, or at least the first in the series, revolves around a missing teenager, Ofer.  Ofer is sixteen, introverted, sharing his bedroom with his younger brother, and spending way too much time on his computer.  Ofer has a creepy neighbor downstairs, tense inattentive parents, and apparently no real friends.  After Ofer heads to school on Wednesday morning and doesn’t return, Avraham Avraham has to find him.  Someone once said you read mysteries only in part to figure out whodunnit.  The other part is to learn about foreign places and times.  The Missing File, translated from Hebrew, does reflect contemporary Israel, but only subtly.  This mystery could have taken place anywhere.  It’s an easy read, so credit goes also to the translator as well as the author, but also a little scary, probably because of the emphasis on foreshadowing that heightens the feeling of anxiety.