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Istanbul Passage by Joseph Kanon ** (of 4)

Very rarely is an author’s style so obstructionist that it interferes, but sadly, Kanon’s frequent indecipherability kept me from finishing.  Too bad.  I was in the mood for this kind of book.  World War II has just ended and the Cold War is heating up.  Former war spies are being called upon to acquire former Nazis for our side before the communists can claim them.  Istanbul is packed with undercover and double agents and is the perfect location for secret nighttime transfers of intelligence.  Not deep stuff, but surely the basis for fun.  At first, I gave Kanon the benefit of the doubt when he started the story midstream.  Then I figured he was being obscure because that must be how espionage feels.  But after one hundred pages of not being able to track his plot nor be certain who was speaking I gave up in frustration.