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One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson **** (of 4)

onesummerThe summer of 1927 begins with the worst rains the United States has endured in a century or more.  The Mississippi has flooded millions of acres and hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and facing starvation.  President Coolidge brings in the world’s most successful savior of human life since Jesus Christ, the man who almost single handedly saved western Europe from starvation during WW I.  Herbert Hoover.  The floods prevent a young pilot from getting out of his airfield in St. Louis and Charles Lindbergh almost doesn’t make it to New York in time to be the first person to fly the Atlantic and become the most famous individual in the world.  As Lindbergh takes off from Roosevelt field on Long Island he circles over Yankee Stadium where Babe Ruth is beginning his march toward breaking the all-time home run record for one season.  And we are only in May.  Bryson does a remarkable job of making us eager to awaken every morning to read the daily paper just to keep abreast of what might really be one of the most compelling four months of the twentieth century.